Dodge County Assessor Changing Property Review Process, Beginning Today

FREMONT – The Dodge County Assessors office will be conducting property reviews throughout the county without face-to-face interactions with property owners this year, in an effort to safeguard county employees against COVID-19 infection.

According to the Dodge County Assessor’s office, NE State Statute §77-1311.03:  requires that all “parcels of real property in the county (must be) inspected and reviewed no less frequently than every 6 years.” The Assessor’s office acknowledges that this cannot be done properly without an on-site inspection.

For assessment year 2021, the ASSESSOR’S OFFICE will conduct property reviews in Fremont and other areas in Dodge County, beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, through the end of the year. This includes measuring/re-measuring all homes/buildings, as well as updating exterior photos for the County’s files.

No face-to-face contact with any owner or occupant will be initiated by assessors. However, at the time of your property review, if you wish to speak with an Appraiser Assistant and if you are free of virus symptoms, please feel free to do so.

In order to obtain data on the interior of each property, door hangers will be left on all main entrances. You are encouraged to call an Appraiser Assistant and discuss your property. Without this much-needed phone interview, the Assessor’s office says they “will be forced to use the “best guess” method for any and all potential or possible interior updates.”

All Appraiser Assistants carry ID badges, clipboards, cameras, and drive County vehicles with County license plates.

In addition, and until further notice:

1. Personal Property returns are due on or before May 1.

2. Homestead Exemptions are due on or before June 30.

3. Report of 2020 Destroyed Real Property forms are due on or before July 1.

A DROP BOX, as well as blank Homestead Exemption applications and Personal Property returns, is located outside the Assessor’s Office for your convenience. For other in-office matters, the Assessor’s office asks that you call to make an appointment and knock upon arrival – please do not enter the office unannounced.

“We appreciate your understanding as we go through this unusual and difficult time,” said Debbie Churchill, Dodge County Assessor. “Don’t hesitate to contact our office at 402-727-3911 with any questions or concerns.”