Diers Ford Hosts Diaper Drive to Benefit Area Families

FREMONT – If you’ve ever had a baby in the house, you know that diapers can seem like a never-ending expense. For less fortunate families, that expense can mean choosing between keeping baby clean and dry versus other necessities like food and utilities.

The Fremont Area United Way estimates that diapers can cost families an average of $150 a month. There may be around 600 children living in Fremont alone whose families struggle to provide an adequate number of diapers. Three out of five families with diaper needs may miss school or work due to lack of sufficient diaper supplies to send with the baby to child care or early childhood programs during the day.

Several area organizations have come together to lead a diaper drive to help alleviate this problem. Now through the end of January, people with diapers to donate are encouraged to drop them off at Diers Ford to help them “Fill the F-150” with diapers for little ones throughout the Fremont area.

Diers Ford’s goal is to collect 10,000 diapers by the end of the month. You can donate any number of diapers or “pull-ups” you may have, from sealed or open packs at their showroom located at 2445 N Broad St here in Fremont.