Diers Ford Completes 20th “Drive 4 UR School” Fundraiser

Charlie Diers Ford Lincoln partnered with Logan View Public Schools on Saturday, August 25, 2018 for a Ford Drive 4 UR School helping the school raise thousands of dollars. For every test drive, Ford donated $20 to Logan View Public Schools and for every Bonus Drive of a Ford Fiesta, Ford donated $10 to the school. “We greatly appreciate having this opportunity to work with the staff of Diers Ford and for Ford to donate Funds to help us be able to run various organizations within our school,” said Carrie Beacom, Logan View parent and School Board Member.

Drive 4 UR School began in 2007 as a way for Ford to give back to communities across the country. The idea was simple: Test-drive a Ford vehicle from a local dealership and get money for your school. Ford Motor Company then added “Drive 4 Your Community” and “Lincoln Driven to Give” expanding the corporate test drive program to include dealership’s selected charitable causes.

Since the inception of these programs, the Charlie Diers team has held 20 test drive events for the following schools and non-profits: Archbishop Bergan, Fremont High School, Arlington High School, Wahoo High School, North Bend High School, Logan View Public Schools, Guardian Angels Central Catholic, Mt. Michael Benedictine, Project Pink’d and the Fremont Area United Way.

At a pace of approximately two events per year, Charlie Diers Ford Lincoln has completed more than 6,000 test drives for these area schools and charities resulting in more than $110,000 being pumped back into the community for athletic equipment, computers, scholarships, field trips, student travel, bus gas, post prom activities, programming and more.

“The money that we have raised over the years from the Drive 4 UR School Events has allowed us to make purchases for our Activities and Transportation programs that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to make. Those dollars have gone towards things such as large touchscreen monitors for our MS/HS lobbies, a new wrestling mat for our teams, a new sound system for our gym, and helped in the purchase of an activity bus for use by our entire Pre-K thru12 system. These as well as other items made possible by the Drive Event dollars have allowed us to better communicate with and serve our students and parents and represent our community well,” said Chris Rainforth, Assistant Principal/Activities Director at Archbishop Bergan.

“The Ford Drive 4 UR School event was a huge success for our school district and post prom organizers. This fundraiser garnered money that will be used to keep kids safe during the NBC post prom event for many years to come. ” said Dan Endorf, Superintendent, North Bend Central.

The Diers Ford test drive events are either held at the dealership or the school and go on rain or shine. The Diers team brings a range of vehicles to choose from depending on whether it’s a Ford or a Lincoln event. At last Saturday’s event at Logan View, 14 different Fords were available to test drive ranging from a Fiesta to a Super-Duty and also included the ever-popular Ford Mustang.

Dealership employees and their family members join with volunteers from the organization to handle set-up, registration paperwork, and the test drives. The more customers that drive, the more the organization earns. “It’s not uncommon to look at the registration table and see multiple generations of families, all sorts of different staff from the school, local businesspeople and more all coming together. These community-driven events are a “win-win” for all involved,” says Maggie Diers Yost with Diers Ford.