Democratic Candidates Plan For The Future

Several Nebraska Democratic Candidates for public office gathered in Norfolk for a meet and greet to discuss the upcoming election and future of the party in the state.

High-profile candidates Bob Krist, Jane Raybould, Jessica McClure, Paul Theobald and Jane Kleeb were at the gathering along with the Native American Caucus of Nebraska.

The discussion lead by Kleeb, focused on issues that are important to Nebraskans. The public also asked questions to the candidates about how they can best serve their communities. Raybould said that gatherings like this are important for the party, especially during this elections season.

“There is less than 70 days to a very important election and there is so much at stake and I think it’s important that we allow Nebraskans to get to know the differences between myself and Senator Fischer as well as the other candidates.”

Raybould said the future of the Democratic Party in Nebraska is bright and they expect the “blue wave” to sweep over the state in the upcoming election.

“I see and energized, very engaged base. that are working very hard to show the contrast for all of the candidates, all up and down the ticket. You know the Nebraska Democratic Party has always been the party of the working families, the middle class families. standing up to make sure that our kids have access to a great public education and making sure we fund it without being a burden on our property tax dollars.”

At the end of the meeting, both the public and candidates were positive about the future of the party. They see an opportunity to register first-time voters and spread the party’s message.