Decisions on Dana Campus Could be made after Blight and Substandard Study **VIDEO**

BLAIR – The owner of the vacant Dana Campus, Frank Krejci, will donate the campus to Angels Share, a non-profit group headed by Ed Shada.

The plan to donate the campus is something that has been known in the Blair community for some time now, but what is new is that the donation will be made at the end of December after an appraisal. In a media release, Shada says the departure of Grace University from the redevelopment plans now allows other interested groups to be part of the Frank and Jane Krejci Life and Learning Community.

Among the items at the recent Blair City Council meeting was a discussion on a blighted and substandard study of the Dana campus. Real Country 97.3’s Caleb Volquartsen has this report:

“It’s been seven years since Dana College closed their doors. The city of Blair is ready to do something with the unused campus grounds. The city council agreed to have JEO Consulting Group Inc. to prepare a blight and substandard study on the campus. The city will not confirm any further plans for the Dana campus until after the study is completed.”

If the study shows the area to be blighted and substandard, and the city council does designate the area as such, it would allow for funding from state and federal sources to help make repairs.