DAV Disaster Response Will be in Fremont This Saturday to Help Vets in Need After Flooding

FREMONT – If you’re a veteran who was affected by the recent floods, the Disabled American Veterans’ disaster response team is coming to Fremont to help you.

The DAV’s Disaster Response team will be in Fremont on Saturday, March 30th from 9A – 3P with emergency relief funds. Veterans & their families may qualify for assistance if there is an immediate need and especially if they have been displaced due to the recent flooding.

The DAV’s Disaster Response team will be staged in the Fremont WalMart parking lot.
Proof of service and proof of your physical residence in the flood area will be required.

“Our area of responsibility is not limited to just Fremont,” said Jamie M Jakub, Adjutant/CEO for DAV. “If you hear this broadcast and were impacted by the flood please call 402-270-9638 to see if we can offer assistance to you.”

If you have questions about this assistance or about the DAV, please call (402) 270-9638.