Cross Catholic partners with Scotus Catholic for charity

Not many can say that they impacted thousands of lives in just one morning…

Over 100 volunteers of all ages gathered at Scotus Catholic Highschool early Saturday to package 40,000 meals to send to 3rd World Countries in partnership with Cross Catholic Outreach…

“We’re all packaging food for meals that are going to be spread out throughout the world,” Volunteer, Abe Perault, says. “We’ve been putting this together for a little under a year now and we have the whole church community together to help us out.”

Each packed meal of rice, soy, veggies, and beans were scientifically made by Cross Catholic, not only to stop hunger but to bring the children eating it back to a healthy state

Last year, Cross Catholic gave $296 million worth of aid in the 29 different countries that they serve. This includes providing clean water, food, housing, education, and their ministry services to the poor.

Volunteer coordinator for Cross Catholic, Gus Cruz, describes what he’s seen in these impoverished countries.

“I’m not trying to be dramatic, but we’ve gone to Guatemala where there are children literally in the dumps looking for stuff that they can sell so that they can buy something to eat. When they see a dump truck coming…that’s hope for them that hopefully they’ll find an item that they can sell. In Haiti we have third graders that are very quiet…it’s not because they’re nice and polite, it’s because they’re so hungry that they don’t have the energy to be children. They’re not running around there screaming and jumping like normal children…so these are the children that we are feeding.”

Hope, support, and faith are words that these volunteers live by.

Taking the time out of your day to help someone you’ve never met and probably will never meet, sounds like a crazy concept, but for them, it’s their passion to serve others.

Perault says, “we’re willing to help each other out and to support others…even people we don’t know who these meals are going to. We’re willing to help out anyone in the world and we can all come together to do that.”

The goal of 40,000 meals packaged was reached in under 4 hours thanks to the 170 volunteers that came out to not only help, but to share their love and prayers for the less fortunate.

“We believe that education is going to be the tool that’s gonna break the cycle of poverty…but if they’re hungry they can’t concentrate in school. This is why we have the feeding event.”

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