Costco Shares Plans With Madison County Officials

NORFOLK – Tuesday, the Madison County Commissioners approved the first local growing operation that will supply poultry to the Costco chicken processing plant currently being constructed in Fremont.

With that in mind, officials from Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry held a community coffee at Northeast Community College on Wednesday to try and demystify the poultry process, and maybe find some potential new growers in the process.

Company officials say an open line of communication with those affected by the operations is important.

They say key among their goals is to allay any environmental concerns come up from those who will have to live next to the new barns.

Wednesday’s meeting was attended by about 50 people…over a third of whom were students at Northeast. That was a fact not lost on Costco officials.

Costco is signing 15-year contracts with growers, which Jessica Kolterman with Lincoln Premium Poultry says will not only help with the initial investment of building the barns…but ensure growers will be good stewards as well.

Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry were also planning on holding a coffee in North Bend on Wednesday and will be speaking to the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District at their next meeting.

The property in Madison County approved on Tuesday for a poultry operation is located along 552nd Avenue about five miles south of Madison.