Corn Harvest Falls Slightly Behind in Dodge County

FREMONT – While soybean harvest has wrapped up for Dodge County farmers, the corn harvest is falling behind.

According to Nathan Mueller, an Extension Educator, the majority of farmers in Dodge County finished their soybean harvest last week. He says there is a large range for field averages.

“Yield reports that I got range from upper forties and even into the eighties for field averages,” said Mueller. “So there’s quite a bit of variability in soybean yields across the area this year.”

Mueller says Dodge County has completed approximately 60%-70% of the corn harvest. He says there are several reasons why corn harvest has fallen behind, two of which are weather related.

“One was all the rainfall that we had that last week of September and first two weeks of October. So we got started late on corn and soybeans,” said Mueller. “And then at the end of October we had several days when we had really windy days. We had 50mph wind gusts. And that caused a lot of the corn acres to have the stalks break or lodge. And corn ear shanks broke from that wind damage. That really has slowed down harvest progress.”

Mueller estimates corn harvest will wrap up next week, but that could change if the county receives any more wet weather.