Cops and Bobbers Special Edition Casts Out at Pawnee Park

COLUMBUS – Pawnee Park’s east shelter was quite busy Friday for Cops and Bobbers Special Edition.

Columbus Police Officer Jeff Uhl says the event is held in addition to the original Cops and Bobbers event, which drew roughly 120 kids this past weekend.

“We’ve got all the kids from the Columbus High and Columbus Middle School special needs classes, and they’re out here with police officers and troopers and we’re just having a good time fishing,” says Uhl.

Uhl started the event with his son roughly three years ago, after talking with his teacher at the high school, and it’s been a hit ever since.

“The kids come down [to Pawnee Park], its like a field trip for them, and we come down here and we meet them, and we help them with baiting hooks and teaching them how to cast, and getting them unsnagged when they get snagged, and just having fun. We’ve been doing pretty good, they’ve been catching some fish,” says Uhl.

The event ran from 1 – 2:45 p.m. on Friday.