Construction on New Legacy Post & Beam Fremont Facility Nearing Completion

FREMONT – Construction on the new Legacy Post & Beam facility in Fremont is looking to be completed in the spring.

Months ago it was announced that Legacy Post & Beam of Elk Point, South Dakota had plans to move the company to Fremont. Their facility will be 13,000-square-feet and will include covered wood storage space for increased inventory.

Tim Norris, a partner with Legacy Post & Beam, says work on the facility got slightly delayed due to recent weather, but overall things have been smooth.

“We’ve been slowed up a little bit by the weather. But we’re coming along really nicely,” said Norris. “We’re hoping to have a roof on it next week. Then we’ll be able to start doing some of the inside work on it. We’re also doing a post and beam show room kind of office in the front of it. We’ve been working on that the last couple of weeks. We are hoping to have that closed up next week as well.”

Norris says while the facility may not be completed exactly when they originally planned, they will be close.

“We’ve actually been shooting for the first part of April,” said Norris. “I’m afraid we might be just a little bit behind that. But we’re hoping to keep it as close as possible.”

Norris adds the move out of Elk Point was necessary due to the company’s growth. He says they chose Fremont to help place themselves close to an area that would have access to resources they need, but also to put them closer to some of their customers.

“We knew it was going to be important to be in a progressive area. We’re going to have good access to materials and transport. And when we look at our customer-base and where we’ve been successful, we get a lot of success in the Midwest,” explained Norris. “It seems like this is going to put us a little more in the center of some of our Midwestern customers. So we’re excited and our employees that are making the move with us are excited. We’re ready to get started down there.”

Legacy Post & Beam has been opened for five years. The company makes kits for barns, houses, pavilions, sheds, and many other structures.