Conflicting Projects Limit Access to Part of Somers Ave

FREMONT – Somers Avenue is closed today for a stretch between Highway 30 and 23rd Street due to conflicting construction projects being carried out by the City of Fremont and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe, separately.

The City has been repairing the Somers Avenue Bridge since May 9th, where Somers Avenue and the Rawhide Creek intersect, and that project is on schedule. It should be completed by next week, with a tentative reopening date of July 19th.

Just south of that bridge work, Burlington Northern-Santa Fe began repairs today on the railroad tracks that cross Somers Avenue near Memorial Cemetery. This project will take about two weeks, with the anticipated reopening for this section of Somers Avenue coming on Monday, July 22nd.

Unfortunately, the City of Fremont did not receive advance notice about BNSF’s plans to repair the tracks on Somers Avenue prior to scheduling the bridge repair, so this thoroughfare will be subject to detours for about two weeks.

The highlighted portions reflect the approximate location of both construction projects.