Complete List of Dodge County Candidates for the Primary Election

FREMONT – March 2, 2020 marked the last day for non-incumbents to file for office on the primary ballot as well as the last day to withdraw a filing for office. A complete list of the candidates for each position has been compiled for the upcoming Primary Election on May 12.

Fremont City Mayor

Glen Ellis, Isaac Paden, Jim Bloom and Joey Spellerberg

Fremont City Council

Ward I: Paul Von Behren, Steven Ray and Vern Gibson

Ward II: Dev Sookram and Susan M. Jacobus

Ward III: Michael D. Kuhns

Ward IV: Diane L. Brown, Donald Cunningham, James Hartkorn, Janet K. Larsen and Sally Ganem

County Supervisor

District #2: Greg Beam and Oscar Duran

District #4: David W. Saalfeld, Pat Tawney and Terry Synovec

District #6: Dan M. Weddle

Hooper City Mayor

Bruce Cate

Hooper City Council

Nick Johnson

North Bend City Council

Alex M. Legge and Bart Bosco

Scribner City Council

Joseph R. Wolfgram and Mike Baumert

Inglewood, Village Trustee

Albert A. Nielsen

Board of Education-Fremont Public Schools

David A. Fachman, Jon C. Ludvigsen, Pamela Murphy, Terry L. Sorensen and Todd Hansen

Board of Education-Logan View School District

B.J. Reynolds, Carrie Beacom, Chad M. Christianson, Jeff Wacker and Kurtis Clausen

Board of Education-North Bend Central Public School District

Andy Swanson, Bob Feurer, Brandon Johnson, Francis J. Emanuel, Heidi Widick, Karrie Van Nortwick and R. Douglas Hoops

Board of Education-Scribner/Snyder Public Schools

Daniel K. Beerbohm, Donald J. Beck, Laura K. Schnoor and Malia Nemecek