Columbus Resident Falls Victim to iTunes Scam

COLUMBUS – A Columbus resident has fallen victim to an iTunes scam, and is now out hundreds of dollars.

Columbus Police Captain Todd Thalken says, a resident was attempting to receive a federal grant worth tens of thousands of dollars. The scammer on the phone, asked the woman to pay $350 in iTunes gift cards, in order to receive the grant. says Thalken.

Thalken says the woman offered to pay with a credit card, but eventually paid with the gift cards, after the scammer insisted.

Thalken says anytime someone asks you to pay for anything using iTunes gift cards, that isn’t an ¬†iTunes product, it is most likely a scam.

Multiple Columbus residents have fallen victim to the iTunes gift card scam, over the past year.

If you believe you may be getting scammed, via the phone, internet, or in person, CPD encourage you to contact them at 402-564-3201.