Columbus Man Found Guilty of Stealing Car, More

COLUMBUS – A Columbus man accused of stealing a car and more has pleaded no contest, according to court records.

Hugh Riley, 51, of Columbus stole a 2005 Dodge Neon, and proceeded to steal several items from a vehicle at a different location back in late August, says an affidavit. With 4 previous DUI convictions, Riley is not allowed to operate a vehicle until 2024, says court records.

Riley pled no contest to charges of felony theft, misdemeanor theft, and felony driving while revoke for a DUI, says court records. Charges for driving while revoked and unauthorized use of a financial transaction device were dropped, says court records.

Riley will be sentenced in both cases on March 16th, says court records.


COLUMBUS – A Columbus man is facing charges in 3 separate counties, for meth possession, stealing a local woman’s car, and stealing from a local juvenile.

The car, a 2005 Dodge neon, was stolen from the 1200 block of 25th Avenue in Columbus, in late August, says the affidavit. An officer states in the affidavit that surveillance footage was recovered, that shows, what appears to be Hugh Riley, 51, of Columbus, driving away in the stolen vehicle.

An arrest affidavit says, Riley, was arrested in Norfolk in late September for possession of meth.

A second affidavit says, prior to Riley’s arrest, police were called to investigate the theft of over $500 in items, including two Visa cards, from a vehicle in Columbus. One of the stolen Visas was used at a Columbus gas station, and police were able to find surveillance footage of Riley making the purchase with the stolen card, says the affidavit.

In one Platte County case, Riley faces class 4 felony charges for theft and driving while revoked for a DUI, says court records. Riley has 4 driving under the influence convictions, and is not allowed to drive until 2024, say court documents.

In the second Platte County case, Riley faces a felony charge for driving under revocation, as well as misdemeanor charges for theft and unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, according to court records.

In Madison County, Riley faces a class 4 felony charge for possession of a controlled substance, says court documents.

Riley was recently found guilty of possession of meth in Madison County, stemming from a February 2017 incident, but has yet to be sentenced in that case.

Riley is currently charged in Hall County with possession of a controlled substance, false reporting, and failure to appear on bail, dating back to October 23, 2017, says court records.