Cole Conrad Comes Home For Fan’s 104th Birthday

FREMONT – Husker football started competition in Nebraska in 1890. Just twenty four years later, in 1914, Evelyn Farris was born. Today, Evelyn celebrated her 104th birthday, and among the friends and family gathered was one special guest: Husker Cole Conrad.

Cole Conrad graduated from Archbishop Bergan Catholic High School in 2014. He was a walk-on in the Husker football program, and made a name for himself as the starting center for the Huskers in 2017. Needless to say, the young man has fans out there, but perhaps none so big as Evelyn Farris.

Jenn Bryant, a CNA at Nye Legacy where Evelyn is a resident set up the entire surprise. “Evelyn is a big Husker fan. I love her, and I just wanted to give her a surprise. I called the sports department down in Lincoln, and invited Scott Frost and the players up.”

Unfortunately, Frost couldn’t make it, but the Husker coach sent a signed picture to Evelyn. A local friend of Cole’s reached out to him and invited him up for Evelyn’s 104th birthday personally – and Cole jumped at the chance to make the day special for a fan.

“I thought it was awesome. Anytime you can give back, it’s really kind of a humbling experience,” Cole said, signing a picture of himself, clad in his number 62 jersey, for Evelyn. “When you’re playing ball, you don’t really realize how much it can impact people, but to get out here and see her joy first hand – it just really makes you feel good.”

Jenn, Evelyn’s nurse, did a good job keeping the surprise.  Evelyn was beyond shocked. “I needed my heart-generator!” she joked. “I can’t explain it. Oh my god, it was wonderful.”

When asked if she’ll keep rooting for her Huskers, she was adamant. “Of course! Firm believer, whether they win or lose, it’s how you play the game. If they’re bad, I’ll still be right there with them.”