Click it or Ticket: Fremont Police Working Overtime Enforcement

FREMONT – The last two weeks of May are some of the most popular weeks of the year for road trip vacations and long distance driving throughout the US. It’s also become a time of additional police enforcement, as policing agencies throughout the country try to keep the increased traffic safe.

The Fremont Police Department has received a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety for overtime enforcement activities, beginning May 20th.  This special enforcement period coincides with the nationwide  Click It or Ticket initiative, designed to get motorists to buckle up for safety.  In 2016, the use of seat belts in passenger vehicles saved 14,668 lives of occupants ages 5 and older.

Residents of Fremont can expect to see extra officers and selective enforcement from May 20 – June 2, 2019. “We at the Fremont Police Department work hard to keep our streets safe for our citizens and will continue to make this a priority,” said Lieutenant Ed Watts. “This grant gives extra funds for officers who are willing to give extra time and effort to keep your streets and highways safe.”

The Fremont Police Department would like to remind all motorists to make sure all occupants of their vehicle, especially children, stay buckled up when traveling.