Clarifying the 10 Person Rule: All NE Bars & Restaurants Must Limit Patrons

It's going to take individual action from all of us to make this work. There will be great sacrifice for all of us in this.

- Governor Pete Ricketts

FREMONT – Yesterday, President Trump and Governor Pete Ricketts issued new guidance to limit social interactions and public gatherings to ten people or less.

This guidance does apply to all bars and restaurants in the State of Nebraska, according to Governor Ricketts. It does not, however, apply to other private businesses at this time. Daycares are encouraged to limit class sizes and “work to follow” the 10 person rule. Governor Ricketts specified on Tuesday morning that the 10 person rule is guidance, and not a law enforcement action.

“I want to remind everyone that the 10-person limit is guidance from the CDC,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “It is not a law enforcement action.  It’s going to take individual action from all of us to make this work.  Please use common sense in applying it.  There will be great sacrifice for all of us in this.  Together, we can combat COVID-19 and keep Nebraskans healthy.”

This guidance is in effect from March 16th through 31st, and applies to all previously planned social gatherings including church services, funerals, weddings, parades, and festivals. The 10-person guidance also applies to establishments such as gyms and theaters. These establishments should use common sense when following the guideline. The purpose is to socially distance people (spacing them more than 6 feet apart) and to avoid congregating them in enclosed spaces.

Restaurants and bars must limit to 10 people, and are strongly encouraged to move to drive-thru / takeout only through the end of March. These establishments should practice social distancing—seating customers apart from one another—whenever possible.

Retailers like pharmacies, grocery stores, and home improvement stores are not expected to limit their establishments to 10 people or less. Generally, customers of these businesses are not in close proximity to one another. Again, retailers should use common sense to set up queues and check-out lines that keep customers spread out as much as possible.

You can view the current guidance from the State of Nebraska here, updated 3/16 @ 7:40PM.

See the full “15 Days to Slow the Spread” guidance from the White House here.