City of Fremont Owned Levee Breaches Temporarily Repaired

City of Fremont Owned Levee Breaches Temporarily Repaired
(CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) As of October, the four city controlled breaches shown on this March water-path map are temporarily repaired. The Lake 20 breach was repaired by NE Game & Parks in Spring 2019. The Ames Diking breach is under the control of the US Army Corps of Engineering, who are in the process of repairs.

FREMONT – With several major levees in our immediate area still in early phases of permanent repair, many are wondering if next spring could bring the same challenges.

The City of Fremont has done their part to protect neighborhoods in the southwest part of the city. In an effort to shore up several breaches in the City’s levee,  the Street Department hauled in dirt to fill the four breaches this week. The city-controlled breaches are west of Broad Street, in the Emerson Estate area. It was important to the City to get a barrier in place before winter sets in, freezing the ground, and especially before next spring’s rains.

These repairs are temporary until the City’s consultant JEO develops specifications that meet the Corps of Engineers PL84-99 requirements for levee repair.

These four breaches will all be permanently repaired next year, along with the now temporarily repaired Ridge Road breach, according to the Corps of Engineers PL84-99 standards. Bringing these levees up to that standard means any future damage to the levee system will qualify for federal funds.