City of Fremont Going Green With NET Grant Funds

Fremont, NE – 7/11/2018— The City of Fremont’s new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) have arrived!

The City received a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) through the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA). The grant was for $300,000 towards Solar Farm #2, 50% of the cost of two ChargePoint public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and 50% of the cost of five qualified vehicles up to $16,000 per vehicle. Qualified vehicles are those that are all electric (EV) or are plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV).

The NET was established to conserve, enhance, and restore the natural environments of Nebraska. Annual grants are funded through the proceeds of the Nebraska Lottery, meaning that people who enjoy the fun and excitement of the Lottery also know they are helping keep the state’s land, air, and water clean for future generations. The NET receives 44.5% of the profits of the Nebraska Lottery. Since 1994, NET has awarded over $292 million.

The City has already put the grant dollars to use and is demonstrating the benefits of renewable energy. Solar Farm #2 is under construction and is scheduled to be online in October 2018. Sign-ups are still being accepted. (Get more information about signing up for the solar farm by clicking here.)

The charging stations have been purchased and installation will begin soon with one of the stations being located in downtown Fremont in the David Kavich parking lot and the other station is proposed to go in the Fremont Mall parking lot, just on the North side of Hy-vee gas station.

Five separate departments will utilize the PHEVs. When working with the department heads as to how they planned to use their vehicles, it was determined that a PHEV, cross-over body style, would best suit the needs of each department. The new PHEVs have a rechargeable battery with a gas powered engine as backup making them the perfect vehicle for around town trips and out of town, overnight conferences.