City of Fremont: Flush Only Products Marked Flushable

FREMONT – With the recent run on toilet paper, and some social media posts recommending paper towels, tissues and napkins as emergency replacements, the Fremont Department of Utilities would like to remind everyone what items are flushable.

The ONLY flushable items are human waste and toilet paper. Baby and bathroom wipes are not generally flushable, and can wreak havoc on your plumbing and the city’s sewer systems. Paper towels and Kleenex are also not flushable. These items do not degrade properly, and can clog sewer lines and lift stations.

Practicing responsible flushing is always important, but it is especially critical during times like this when everyone is working hard to make sure there are no interruptions to the delivery of utility services.

When in doubt, the City gives you this slogan to go by: “It’s a toilet, not a trash can.”