City of Fremont and Dodge County Considering a Joint Law Enforcement Department

FREMONT – Dodge County and the City of Fremont are considering consolidating law enforcement departments.

The Dodge County Board of Supervisors discussed the idea of a possible joint city/county law enforcement department at their Wednesday meeting. Supervisor Bob Missel says this idea was first brought up back when the county entered into an inter-local agreement with the City of Fremont to combine their 911 answering points. At that point the board and the Fremont City Council signed a document stating they would, in the future, consider the possibility of a combined law enforcement department.

The board discussed the success and efficiency of the past inter-local agreement, and how it has saved taxpayers money.  They then considered sharing the cost of a Renovation or Replacement Analysis with the City of Fremont. Supervisor Missel says the purpose of the analysis is to gain insight into the financial impacts of the proposed joint department.

“It’s to take a look at what that might look like. What the costs would be,” said Missel. “And to allow each board to study that. So we can all get a feel of what that financial commitment might be.”

The total cost of the analysis was estimated at $15,000, and the suggestion was that both parties would pay half of the cost. A motion was made to approve the sharing of the cost, and it passed unanimously.

The board also talked about concerns with the budget in regards to housing inmates and medical expenses. Recently the county received a large claim in regards to Life Flighting an inmate who had attempted suicide in Saunders County and later died in the hospital. The claim was originally $40,000 but was negotiated down to $33,000 by County Attorney Oliver Glass. According to the board, medical costs in relation to inmates housed in the county jail are putting a concerning strain on the budget.