City of Fremont, Ames Diking District Receive HUD Grants for Levee Repairs

City of Fremont, Ames Diking District Receive HUD Grants for Levee Repairs
(CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) As of October, the four city controlled breaches shown on this March water-path map are temporarily repaired. The Lake 20 breach was repaired by NE Game & Parks in Spring 2019. The Ames Diking breach is under the control of the US Army Corps of Engineering, who are in the process of repairs.

FREMONT – Mayor Scott Getzschman announced two large Community Development Block Grants, awarded by the federal department of Housing and Urban Development, that will facilitate the repairs of two major levees that protect Fremont from flooding.

The City of Fremont received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $485,000 to repair the “Farmland, Fremont & Railroad Dyke” in the southwest portion of the city. These repairs will bring this levee into compliance with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) guidelines and ensure that any potential damage or repairs to this levee will be covered by federal funds.

The second CDBG was awarded to the Ames Diking District, which is a special body of administrators governing the Ames Diking. This grant was also in the amount of $485,000 and should allow for the repair of this dike to move forward. As of October 24th, the USACE team was still finalizing the design and review process for this levee repair project. Bids for the repair have not yet been finalized, with the USACE saying, “The advertisement of this construction contract is dependent on real estate documentation being finalized with the adjacent property owners.”

You can see more about the Ames Diking breach and repair process on the USACE website at

“Both grants,” Mayor Getzschman said, “are critical to keeping the entire southern border of Fremont safe during a flood event. We look forward to getting our levee into a state where it’s certified by the Corps of Engineers, which allows us to be part of the federal [levee] program, as well.”