City News with Brian Newton & Bob Flittie: May 6

FREMONT –  City Administrator Brian Newton stopped in for his weekly city news update with Bob Flittie, and they discussed the river, flood repairs, housing throughout the city and the new electric transmission line.

The Platte River is below flood stage, but the river is carrying a larger volume of water, thanks to the flood “scouring out” the river bottom:

He noted that the repair work by Game & Parks out at the State Lakes is about 75% done, but no progress is reported on the other two breaches.


Brian commented on the application being made by the Greater Fremont Development Council for $1 million of LB-840 money (city “set-aside” funds authorized by a public vote some years ago to support business activity and growth) to use to stimulate housing  development for lower-and-middle income families in Fremont.



Newton said the references made to the “505 Building” in downtown Fremont is cited as an example of how funds could be used.  The GFDC application for LB-840 funds is not related to or for the renovation of that property, which is privately owned.


Brian did note the number of R-Vs now parked out at Christensen Field:


And he added what the purpose of those LB-840 funds is:


Brian Newton was pleased to talk about the new electric transmission line finally being energized:


And he explained how the new line will benefit Fremont:


Bob Flittie wondered if Fremont would be able to withstand a “black-out” somewhere else on the power grid we are hooked into:


You can listen to the full interview on our Podcasts page.