City News with Brian Newton & Bob Flittie: June 24th

FREMONT – Bob Flittie and Fremont City Administrator, Brian Newton, once again covered a wide range of topics during this week’s city update.

First, they discussed the spread and successes of solar power. Newton will be in Norfolk Thursday evening for a 7:00pm presentation on solar power, as Norfolk begins to explore the benefits of alternate energy. Brian will present a little information about Fremont’s experience:


Fremont has begun a “glass recycling” program, working in concert with a firm in Kansas City. The Fremont Tree Dump site on south Hwy-77 is also the site for our new glass recycling dump.  The Kansas City business will pick up in Fremont each time there is a full semi-load.:


Bob Flittie wondered if broken glass will be a problem:


Administrator Newton says that the tree dump has been quite busy every Saturday morning since it opened. The hours for both glass recycling and tree rubbish are: 8am-12noon, Saturdays only.

Cedar Bluffs & Yutan Cooperation

Newton attended last week’s meeting at Cedar Bluffs as community leaders begin to explore possible options for improving the water quality for residents.  Cedar residents are currently dealing with high arsenic levels in their drinking water.  Newton reviewed the possibilities that may be available, including the long-term value of hooking up with Fremont’s water:


In other intercity cooperative news, an item will be on the City Council agenda tonight from the village of Yutan, who would like to ask for an interlocal agreement to use Fremont’s commercial building inspectors, as Brian Newton explains:


In post-flood matters, Brian Newton tells Bob Flittie that the City wants to apply for a grant, which if approved, would help the City work with owners of flood-damaged property which may be un-inhabitable and will likely never be repaired. Rather than have properties sit dilapidated, the City would use these grant funds to purchase the irreparable properties, then demolish them:


You can listen to the full interview on our Podcast page.