City News with Brian Newton and Bob Flittie

FREMONT – Wholestone Farms, in Fremont, is seeking a $1.3-million no-interest LB-840 loan to help finance it’s multi-million dollar plant expansion. The request will be reviewed by a Citizens Committee at a noon meeting on Tuesday.

Brian Newton, City Administrator, talked with Bob Flittie Monday and explained what Wholestone plans:

Newton also noted that the waste-water and energy needs, which Wholestone anticipates, will exceed what Fremont can currently handle and that sewer-handling capabilities will need to expand and a new sub-station would need to be built:

Also, Newton will meet with the City’s Utility and Infrastructure Board Tuesday afternoon to review the City’s peak energy usage, noting that we hit a new peak in the recent cold spell:

Newton, plans to testify today (Jan 28) in Lincoln before a Senate Committee. He says he’ll be supporting the bill sponsored by District 15 Senator Lynne Walz regarding the modified use of “extreme blighted” designations for the benefit of flooded areas in Fremont:


You can listen to the full interview with a wide range of topics on our Podcast page.