City News with Bob Flittie & Brian Newton: October 8th

An Open House was held at Fremont’s Lon D. Wright Power Plant Sunday afternoon. Bob Flittie and City Administrator Brian Newton talked about that Monday noon. Newton said Fremont is “pretty much self-sufficient” in meeting the City’s energy needs:

In advance of Tuesday’s City Council meeting, there will be a study session at 6pm for the full Council and the Planning Commission, with a presentation to be made by a couple developers from the Omaha area. Brian Newton explained what he hopes can be accomplished:

There’s a unique arts project coming to downtown Fremont, with a plan to install pianos at several businesses and agencies, designed to enhance the downtown environment. The Fremont Area Arts Association is donating 9 pianos to Mainstreet Fremont. Once insurance is secured and the City Council says OK, the year-long piano project can begin. Brian Newton says the City’s approval must come first.

Spectrum, the cable provider for Fremont, is about to raise monthly rates $1.00, as noted in a letter to the Dodge County Board of Supervisors. Coincidentally, Cox Cable, which serves the Omaha metro, has applied to Fremont to be allowed to offer its cable services in Fremont. Brian Newton says there are 2 or 3 cable companies which have expressed an interest in coming into the Fremont market: