City News with Bob Flittie & Brian Newton: May 28th

FREMONT – Brian Newton, Fremont’s City Administrator, touched on several topics during Tuesday’s interview with Bob Flittie.

The City is sponsoring this morning’s “Stand Down” training session at Christensen Field.  It covers many safety issues, and Brian explains the reason for the training:


Brian identified some of the areas workers for safety needs:


And he explained reasons for having protection and training for job safety:



Brian Newton also addressed the issues facing the Village of Winslow, devastated by the March flood:


The City Board of Adjustment met Tuesday afternoon to take up the issue of rebuilding homes along Big Island Road.  The issue is “setbacks” and “Flood Zone vs Floodway:

Newton also described the cooperative venture between Fremont and Inglewood:


You can listen to the full interview on our Podcast page.