City News This Week With Brian Newton & Bob Flittie: July 1

FREMONT – Fremont City Administrator Brian Newton sat down with Bob Flittie this week to talk about street construction, cyber-security, lingering flood matters and fireworks.

With the Monday opening of Military in Fremont (Bell to Clarmar), Bob wanted to know more about how the project could be done so quickly:


Newton told Flittie that the contractor used a fresh coat of asphalt, rather than recycling the old material:


And Bob wondered why the gutter-sides of streets paved with asphalt seem to deteriorate sooner than the rest of the road bed.

Perhaps drivers have noticed new “holes” in pavement in several areas in town.  Flittie thought they look like holes on golf course greens. So, he asked Newton to explain:


Recent reports of cities across the country, including Baltimore, being hacked with malware (ransomware) , and their computer systems and software being held for ransom.  In Baltimore’s case, it will cost them over $18-million And some of their systems, like water billing, still don’t work.  Flittie Asked Brian Newton how Fremont deals with such a threat:


Newton explained the training required of ALL city employees:


He said that’s Fremont’s “best defense.”


On flood-related matters, Newton reviewed last week’s meeting he had with the Army Corps of Engineers regarding Ames:


And, regarding the recent news that FEMA trailers were going to western Iowa to help displaced flood victims there, Flittie asked Newton if he knew why Fremont was unable to secure trailers from FEMA:


Finally, with July 4th around the corner and fireworks already being discharged in town, Brian Newton shared these comments.


You can listen to the full interview on our Podcast page.