City News This Week With Bob Flittie & Brian Newton: 11/12

FREMONT – Topics ranging from softball fields to Beavers and rights-of-way were discussed during Bob Flittie’s Monday visit with Brian Newton.  The City Administrator explained the reason for having a right-of-way dedicated for Cloverly Road and Boulevard Streets:

And he identified where the new stop signs would go when the project is all finished:

The City Council will be asked to approve an agreement between the City and Midland for the University’s use of Softball Field #2 out at Christensen Field.  Brian Newton explains:

And he says that all improvements Midland makes will belong to the City:


During Bob’s visit with Brian Newton, the topic of Midland University’s significant contributions to Fremont arose, and Newton mentioned that Midland is planning to tear down the current Men’s Hall and built a new men’s dorm on the same property:

Bob wanted to know more about the project. Brian only added this:

And, in case you’ve seen those beavers at Johnson Lake out by the Middle School and Johnson Crossing, Brian Newton said, “Not to worry,” they are doing the City’s work: