City News This Week: Wastewater Lagoons & Southeast Bypass Updates

FREMONT – Bob Flittie had guests Brian Newton and Keith Kontor from the City of Fremont on Monday afternoon, to talk about waste water lagoon construction and progress on the Southeast Bypass.

Bob got an update on the progress of the construction of Fremont’s new lagoons for treating wastewater from Keith Kontor.  Bob Flittie asked when the lagoons should be finished:


Kontor explained some of the reasons for delays in the work:


Many may wonder where the lagoons are located. Kontor says:

During Bob Flittie’s interview with Brian Newton on Monday, the City Administrator provided an update on some of the initial work on the Southeast Bypass:

Interestingly, Brian explained the reason that the tree removal is being done now is all because of “Wood-eared Bats”:

You can listen to the full interview from this week on our Podcast page.