City News This Week with Brian Newton & Bob Flittie

FREMONT – Hybrid cars, charging stations, baseball, and daycare were all topics of discussion during Bob Flittie’s visit Monday at noon with Brian Newton, Fremont city Administrator.

The city staff are taking advantage of those 5 new Hybrid Plug-in cars. Bob asked Newton to talk about them:


They average about 35 miles before switching over to the gas engine power. Those Hybrid Plug-in vehicles do need to have their batteries charged, as do many other battery-operated cars in Fremont.  The City is preparing to install two “Charging Stations” in the near future: one downtown and one behind the HyVee convenience store, as Brian Newton explains:


Could there be more charging stations in Fremont? Newton thinks so:


Two separate citizens committees met Monday to review two new and separate applications for use of local sales tax funds for very different proposals. The Citizens Advisory Review Committee met at 8:00am and the Local Option Review Team met at noon. The projects? A group based in Rapid City, SD, proposes to expand it’s “Expedition Baseball League” to Fremont, joining the existing 8-team Midwest league. Unpaid College-age athletes would play, using Moeller Field, and staying with Local families. Much of the local sales tax funds would be used to make improvements to Moeller Field. Games would not begin until after the College World Series.

Newton said the team in Gehring, NE, averages 1,000 in attendance. Newton also reviewed how Moeller Field could be used:


The second project is for a daycare facility that is proposed by Myra Kathryn Hale, Director of Pearl Academy. With her partner, Michael Pruss, the Academy envisions offering child-care services for ages 6-weeks to Age 10, on weekdays, with flexibility to be open 24-hours and on weekends, as needed.  Their funding request would help with their $71,000 start-up costs. Brian Newton explains the Pearl Academy plan: