City News This Week: Bob Flittie and Brian Newton

FREMONT – Monday’s discussion with city administrator Brian Newton covered a wide range of topics, from new electric lights and charging stations to stormwater utilities and city master plans.

With both Electric vehicle charging  station now well-marked and up and running, it is getting good usage. And, as Brian Newton explains, the system’s software is nation-wide, letting everyone know that Fremont has charging stations:


Last week, Fremont announced that the City’s “I-S-O” rating has been improved. Bob Flittie asked Brian Newton to explain the rating and how it benefits Fremont homeowners:


The Fremont City Council is being asked (tonight/Tuesday) to approve a new procedure, one that will spell out the terms of what developers will pay for and what the City will be responsible for.  The first use of such an agreement comes tonight dealing with two property developments as outlined by Administrator, Brian Newton:



Then Newton explains what the agreements will call for:


Last week, the City of Columbus established a “Stormwater Utility.” Bob Flittie asked Brian Newton if Fremont might look at having the same thing and what would it do:


Next, says Newton, we would need a Master Plan


Once that’s finished, then determine what would it cost


Newton says it’s a good idea and should be a high priority