City Issues: Bob Flittie & Brian Newton Talk Rain, Coal

When Fremont City Administrator, Brian Newton, joined Bob Flittie on Big Dog 98.9 and 1340 Monday at noon, they talked about whether Fremont is better able today to handle a several-inch rain, as the city experienced in June 2017. Flooding was widespread throughout the city during that storm.


Fremont, like all cities, has storm sewers, large pipes to carry storm water runoff. Fremont routinely inspects and cleans those pipes and in a recent inspection, an odd discovery was made, as Brian Newton explains:


President Trump, through the Department of Energy, recently promoted a plan to require energy plants to use coal and nuclear power.  Does that make sense, with so many converting some plant energy resources to renewables, like wind and solar?  Brian Newton, Fremont Administrator, tried to explain:


And Newton thinks what the President is really trying to say is:


Specifically, in Fremont, Brian Newton believes that the City will always want reliable coal-power.


And Newton added that the three Fremont Coal-power units are well-maintained, and he doubts that there would ever be an interest In dismantling them.