City Council President Vote Given Last Continuance; City Attorney Will Study RTG Contract & Agreement

FREMONT – Last night’s city council meeting dealt with several consent agenda items, and two additional items that generated some discussion.

The election of a City Council president was continued for one more meeting, as council member Mike Kuhns was unable to be present at this meeting; Kuhns is experiencing health issues, but hopes to be in attendance for the next meeting. Mayor Getzschman did say that this continuance was issued with one stipulation: the election of a council president must be voted on the next meeting, regardless of who is or isn’t able to attend.

The last item on the agenda was councilwoman Jacobus’ proposed resolution to direct the city attorney to commence legal collections actions against RTG Medical. (Read the full explanation of this situation in our previous coverage.)¬†Charlie Janssen, owner of RTG Medical, was present at the meeting last night. Janssen told Walnut Radio that he was a little surprised to see this issue on the City Council agenda, but was more than willing to settle any owed balance with the city, saying, “We thought this was kind of a done deal, but certainly, if there’s any legal obligation that RTG Medical owes, we would honor that.”

Janssen reiterated the company’s desire to remain in Fremont, saying that RTG is still looking at the Gallery 23 East property for their new headquarters. “You know the slogan ‘Nebraska: it’s not for everybody?’,” Janssen asked, remarking, “Maybe Fremont’s not for everybody, but it is for us. We’ll work with the city in any way possible. We certainly want to get along with the mayor and with the city council.”

By unanimous vote, the council referred the issue to the City Attorney to investigate the contractual legality and the mayor’s authority within the circumstances. The City Attorney will report back with his findings at a later time. The associated resolution to direct the City Attorney to begin legal collections actions was not voted upon, and no collections actions have not been initiated.