City Council Meeting Tuesday April 10th

Fremont  City Council met last night and had a relatively short meeting.

From the items on the regular agenda, there were no comments from the public on a zoning change from Rural Residential to General Commercial, for property owned by Deer Point corporation, located just east of Applebee’s.  And no public comment on the Revised Planned Development for Cosentino Holdings, LLC, also known as Gallery 23 East.  Both items will move to final reading at the next council meeting.

City council approved Keno Grant awards, of 7,000 dollars for the Fremont Avenue of Flags, and 2,000 dollars for the Ridge Cemetary Association.

Most of the discussion last night, was in regards to discussing the City of Fremont Animal Contract, with the Dodge County Humane society.  Currently, the city pays 87,550 dollars a year, plus, 1 dollar issuance fee on every license issued by DCHS.  This contract was approved in September of 2017 and is for 6 years, with a slight increase each year.  By year 6, 2023, the city will pay just over 109,000 dollar for Animal Control services with DCHS.

Several area residents stated last night, they did not feel adequate services were being rendered.  The Chief of Police stated that the Dodge County Humane society has performed their duties and met all of the required contractual obligations, as far as he is concerned.

The New City Attorney suggested that a committee be formed to negotiate with the Dodge County Humane Society on the potential purchase of the current property , and an additional tract of land that sits adjacent to the current property.   The mayor formed a committee , with the following City council members serving .  John Anderson, Scott Schaller, Michael Kuhns, Steve Landholm, and the mayor.    Last nights meeting adjourned around 8:40 pm.