Chimney Fire in Fremont Friday Evening

FREMONT – The Fremont Fire Department responded to a possible structure fire call on Friday to 953 North Somers. The two residents saw the fire immediately and made the call to the department.

There was smoke on both the first and second floor upon arrival. The fire from a wood-burning stove was put out and then pulled off the wall to allow access to the chimney. Firefighters used “chimney bags”, sealed bags with fire extinguisher powder, from the top of the chimney to put out the remaining fire.

The most probable cause for the fire was built-up soot from the chimney not being cleaned. There is some smoke damage as well as damage to some of the ceiling in the home.

The fire broke through the chimney, which will need to be repaired. However, the home is livable and the residents returned to house on the same night.