Cedar Bluffs Village Board Votes to Connect to Fremont Water System

CEDAR BLUFFS – For years, the drinking water in Cedar Bluffs has had higher than normal levels of arsenic. Now, the Village will connect to Fremont’s water system in order to provide better water to their residents.

At the last Cedar Bluffs Village Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to pursue a plan to connect to Fremont’s water system. “For some time now,” said Fremont City Manager, Brian Newton, “the level of arsenic in Cedar Bluff’s water has exceeded the EPA’s and the States’ recommended level, so the Board has been exploring various options – including connecting to Fremont’s water.”

“We currently are not over the allowed amount of arsenic and our residents have never been in any danger,” stressed Chris Lichtenberg, Board Chairman for the Village of Cedar Bluffs.

The cost of the project is proposed to be funded by grants and loans under programs from the State of Nebraska and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Fremont’s current usage runs between 4.5 to 5 million gallons of water used per day, and the City has more than enough capacity to support the water needs of Cedar Bluffs residents.