Care Corps’ Keys to Independence Serves Emergency Shelter Need

FREMONT – Care Corps held their first ever Keys to Independence banquet last night, telling their story of hope to end homelessness to a crowd of around 200 people.

Care Corps held the banquet at Delaney Hall after a last minute venue change, and presented stories of success, hope, and independence from the homeless and near homeless in our community. Attendees heard stories that exemplified Care Corps mission to provide life changing care to the homeless and near homeless in our area. Services at Care Corps range from mental health therapy and parenting classes to emergency shelter and housing search assistance/after-care.

The funds raised at last night’s event will contribute to the emergency shelter initiative. “We’re specifically asking people to sponsor a night of shelter for an individual or for a family. That will make sure that our doors can stay open for all the people who need our services in the community.”

In addition to emergency shelter, Care Corps operates three housing programs and offers case management services to all program participants. Basic needs and after-care services are also vital in preventing homelessness or returns to homelessness. Care Corps provided emergency shelter to 544 individuals and housed 144 individuals in their 3 housing programs last year.

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