Building Owner Reports There is Interest in Buying Ruff House Business in Fremont

FREMONT – After the sudden and unexpected closing of the Ruff House in Fremont building owner Ron Vlach reports the community could see the business reopen under the operation of a new owner.

Vlach announced the closure of the business and changed the locks after the operator had not only been behind on rent for two months but also didn’t return his calls. Vlach says they still haven’t heard from the operator, but he has heard claims that the operator did more than just leave Fremont.

“We can’t find him. He hasn’t answered any phone calls,” said Vlach. “And I was informed yesterday that it is believed the owner of the business left the country.”

As many as 20 parents had put down a deposit to hold their child’s birthday party at Ruff House, and Vlach has promised to refund those people. He says some people have already called him and they will be refunded later this week.

While it was sad news for parents and children in the area when Ruff House’s closing was announced, Vlach says thanks to a possible investor from Omaha the business could be reopened.

“We have an interested party in Omaha. He’s got some interest in purchasing the equipment,” explained Vlach. “Of course the equipment is mortgaged by one of the local banks here in town. So it’s up to him and the bank to see if they can reach a fair agreement to reopen it. I mean, I would like to see it reopened and I think most of the community would like to see it reopened.”

Vlach states it’s disappointing and sad when something like this happens. But he knows the Fremont community will bounce back as it always does.

“We’re pretty resilient here in Fremont,” said Vlach. “I think if we get this other investor involved and if we make him a good deal, he’ll probably take it over and run it the as it should have been run rather than how it was before. It just wasn’t run the best.”

For anyone else who had put a deposit down at Ruff House can reach Vlach through the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce.