BREAKING: Flash Flood Warning, Voluntary Evacuations of Inglewood, Southwest Fremont

FREMONT – As of 8AM on Friday, March 15th, residents south of Fremont in Inglewood are being asked to voluntarily evacuate the area. As of 10:15AM, the city of Fremont also issued a voluntary evacuation for the southwest portion of the city between South street and Cloverly road, and from Broad Street to M Street.  At 10:20AM, the evacuation area has been expanded to every residence and business south of the railroad tracks from Pierce to south Platte.

The bridge at Highway 77 over the Platte river is now CLOSED both directions.

Please evacuate these areas now.

A flash flood warning has been issued at 10:20AM. Get out of low-lying and water adjacent areas right now. 
Flash Flood Warning for... 
  a levee failure in... 
  southeastern Dodge County in east central Nebraska... 
  western Douglas County in east central Nebraska... 
  northeastern Saunders County in east central Nebraska... 

* until 1015 am CDT Saturday.

* At 1018 am CDT, local law enforcement reported a levee on The 
  Union dike has failed, which will cause immenient flash flooding 
  of the surrounding areas.

  This is a flash flood emergency for the areas around valley 
between the Platte and Elkhorn rivers. Seek higher ground now!

Precautionary/preparedness actions... 

Move to higher ground now. This is an extremely dangerous and
life-threatening situation. Do not attempt to travel unless you are
fleeing an area subject to flooding or under an evacuation order.