Board of Supervisors Discuss Highway Project, Renewable Energy

FREMONT – The Dodge County Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday to discuss renewable energy and an expressway project by North Bend.

Dan Endorf, the superintendent of North Bend Central Public Schools, asked the board to reconsider the options for a project on U.S. Highway 30. The project would add an expressway for Highway 30 that intersects State Highway 79, north of town. The current plan is calling for stop signs for Highway 79 traffic.

“Let’s just take some common-sense measures before we have a tragedy,” Endorf said.

An expressway project was planned to start after a project between North Bend and Rogers finished, however it has been indefinitely postponed due to the flooding last March as funds were redistributed to road reconstruction. Endorf cited the intersection of U.S. Highways 77 and 92 near Wahoo, which has a stoplight.

“A simple stoplight [. . .] could potentially save lives, make people’s lives easier and just simply slow down traffic and keep people safe,” Endorf said.

Highway Superintendent Scott Huppert said that in talks with district engineer Tim Weander of the Nebraska Department of Roads, the only plan is to extend turn lanes.

Supervisor Lon Strand made a motion to write a letter to Weander requesting traffic count information near both towns, which passed unanimously.

The board went on to unanimously approve the motion to have the Dodge County Planning Commission look into zoning regulation on wind turbines.

Additionally, the board unanimously approved a conditional use permit for Western Integrated Seed to establish a seven-acre solar farm near Hooper. The farm came from a collaboration between Bluestem Energy Solutions and the Burt County Public Power District to provide energy to the county.

Lastly, the board approved $1,076,650.91 in finances, most of which came from the Elkhorn Township for flood reimbursement. Chairman Bob Missel said he moved $500,000 from the Flood Disaster Relief account to the county’s checking account, leaving it with a balance of $1.2 million.