Board of Supervisors Approved RFP for New CAMA System

FREMONT – Dodge County could soon be looking for a new Cama System.

The Board of Supervisors met in regular session on Wednesday morning, and during the meeting they approved the request of the County Assessor to move forward with a RFP (request for proposal) for their computer-assisted mass appraisal system, also known as a Cama System. Supervisor Bob Missel says the Cama System is software the County Assessor uses for developing statistics on property in the county, and the software they are currently using was put in place by the state.

“It’s kind of the core software program that the assessment function uses in developing all the statistics it keeps on a property in Dodge County. Currently the software system they are using is called Orion,” said Missel. “It was a system that was mandated by the state of Nebraska back when Dodge County assessment function was run by the state.”

Dodge County now runs its own assessment function, but still uses Orion. There have been many complaints from the County Assessor’s office about the software. Missel says the request for an RFP is the first step to possibly replacing the system.

“The assessor just asked permission for the County Attorney to review an RFP, which would mean that we would send that out to entities that are capable of providing that type of software program. There aren’t many,” said Missel. “Once Oliver has had the chance to review that, then ultimately I’m sure we’ll be authorizing that to go out.”

Once County Attorney Oliver Glass has reviewed the RFP it will be brought back to the board during one of their regular meetings to be authorized. The Board of Supervisors next meeting will be on October 25th at 9 a.m.