Bergan Students Visit UYSS on Bergan’s “Day of Mission”

FREMONT – Thursday was Archbishop Bergan’s Day of Mission, with students helping around Fremont.  Three of the students joined Bob Flittie Thursday at noon to help explain their mission activity, as they worked with Robin Ritter at her Uniquely Yours Stability Support agency in Fremont.

8th grader Joslyn Kumm told why she is helping others:


Freshman Blair Hilbers explained why mission work is important:


Tilly Fernau, also a Freshman, said Bergan’s Key Club is helping Robin Ritter at Uniquely Yours prepare for the October 6 Winter Coat Giveaway:


Blair Hilbers said other Bergan students were helping at other sites:


Tilly shared what she gets out of the Day of Mission:


And Robin Ritter said there was a team at Uniquely Yours getting things organized for the Coat giveaway: