Be Severe Weather Aware With Region 5/6 Expo

FREMONT – The weather has turned warm and mild this week, the robins are back on the lawn, geese are flying south over our heads, and the first day of spring is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about spring, and for the emergency management at Region 5/6, that means thinking about severe weather.

Tornadoes, flooding, wind and hail damage all skyrocket in the Midwest during the spring and summer months, and it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. On Tuesday, March 13th, Region 5/6 invites the community to the 2018 Severe Weather Awareness Expo at Christensen Field in Fremont. The doors open at 4:30PM and the National Weather Service will have a special presentation at 7PM.

It’s important for children to be aware and prepared for severe weather to lesson the stress of a storm event. “Children who know their family or school’s severe weather plan and some of the science behind storms are often better able to handle things like tornado drills and thunderstorms without the stress of those events leading to real fears,” according to the Mayo Clinic’s Medical Edge. The 2018 Severe Weather Awareness Expo will have plenty of exhibits for kids of all ages from the Fremont Police, Fremont Fire Department, Omaha Storm Chasers Baseball team, and others.