Bald Eagle Sighting in Dodge County

FREMONT – Dodge County residents have the opportunity to view Bald Eagles in the area before many move north in the spring months.

Numerous sightings of Bald Eagles in Dodge County have been reported, especially around lakes and rivers. Bill Booth¬†Parks Superintendent 3 for the Fremont State Recreation Area says he’s seen some eagles at Fremont lakes and also near Scribner.

“I have seen a couple of eagles in the Fremont State Recreation Area along with Dead Timber State Recreation Area north of Scribner,” said Booth. “The ones I’ve seen mainly were on my way up to Dead Timber along the Elkhorn River. But in and around the area, they are showing up, and you can get a good look at them.”

Typically the morning hours are the best time to view Bald Eagles as they congregate around areas with water. Booth says this is a great time to get out and view these birds, but people should be cautious and make sure to give eagles their own space.

“If you see an injured eagle, you wanna make sure you call Game and Parks law enforcement. Or get a hold of anybody in the Game and Parks Wildlife Division,” explained Booth. “It’s best to give them their space and let them do their thing. They are obviously a wild animal. They are a beauty to look at, but give them their space.”

With the weather temperatures looking a little warmer the next few days, Booth says it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and not only try and get a view of Bald Eagles, but also some other migrating bird species.

“Besides Bald Eagles, there are also other types of waterfowl and birds for viewing this time of year,” said Booth. “So get out, take a hike on some of the lakes and trails. Also Dead Timber is a really great area to do some wildlife viewing. Get your exercise and enjoy the outdoors while we have these few warm ups in the next couple of days.”

Also DeSoto & Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuges north of Omaha and near Ft. Calhoun will also have a Bald Eagle program on February 24th for visitors to view the birds and even their nests.