Keep Fremont Beautiful – Executive Director

Keep Fremont Beautiful is now searching for a new Executive Director!



Job Description

The Executive Director of Keep Fremont Beautiful is the manager of daily operations of the organization and performs a variety of complex administrative, public relations and volunteer managerial tasks to accomplish the mission of Keep Fremont Beautiful, thus assuring a better quality of life and environment in Fremont, Nebraska.  This staff person facilitates and enables the Chairperson and Board of Directors to implement programs with volunteers.  The executive director joins the national network of Keep America Beautiful affiliate professionals that serve as:

  1. Manager/assistant to the Keep Fremont Beautiful Chairperson/Board
  2. Representative of Keep Fremont Beautiful and primary contact person
  3. Program resource person for Keep Fremont Beautiful


Keep Fremont Beautiful is a public education non-profit organization dedicated to improving everyone’s waste handling practices and engaging our citizens to take greater responsibility for improving the community environment.


KFB Executive Director

The KFB Executive Director position is a full-time flex position averaging 35 hours per week to allow for night and weekend projects, as required.  The hourly wage is determined by the KFB Board of Directors and is based on experience and job qualification.  The Keep Fremont Beautiful Executive Director’s skills should include:

  • Organizational management ability
  • Financial management abilities, including budgeting and bookkeeping
  • Ability to seek, write and administer grant funds to enrich programs and funding
  • Self-starter with demonstrated efficiency and ability to handle details
  • Initiative coupled with willingness to take direction from the Chairperson and Board of Directors
  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Ability and willingness to delegate tasks
  • Writing ability
  • Experience in dealing with community/volunteer management
  • Familiarity with media, volunteer network, corporate structure and political process
  • High energy level
  • Knowledge of the community
  • Computer experience, including word processing, database and spreadsheet


Public Relations Responsibilities

  • Serve as primary contact person and liaison of information on KAB/KFB activities, including being representative at meetings, forums, etc.
  • Prepare briefs, summaries, fact sheets, layouts and other data required for program planning and implementation.
  • Conduct workshops
  • Prepare media releases and maintain up-to-date media contact list
  • Write monthly education columns for the Fremont Tribune


Administrative Responsibilities

  • Manage the daily operations of Keep Fremont Beautiful
  • Report directly to and coordinate with the Chairperson
  • Assure that all reporting requirements are completed on schedule
  • Assist the Treasurer/Finance Committee in preparing and maintaining organization budget; develop estimates of needs and operating requirements; provide support materials for fundraising efforts by the Board; monitor expenses.
  • With Secretary, prepare and distribute minutes and program related materials of KFB board meetings.
  • Submit Semi-annual report, Annual report, annual cost/benefit analysis, annual KAB litter index, and payment of annual fees to Keep America Beautiful.
  • Maintain office; supervise clerical operations.


Volunteer Management Responsibilities

  • Orient and train volunteers on the KAB System, including the behavioral methodology, affiliate history and program goals.
  • Develop and maintain a library of resource materials for KFB volunteers to use in program planning.
  • Assist Board with Annual Plan of work and long-range planning for KFB
  • With Chairperson, prepare agendas for Board meetings
  • Assist committees in developing and implementing action plans
  • Review and analyze program outcomes, evaluate internal and external processes and make risk management recommendations to the Board.
  • Communicate praise, motivation and positive reinforcement to volunteers and community.


Job Direction

The Executive Director receives supervision from the Chairperson.  Ultimate authority is with the Board of Directors.


Job Hiring Specifications

College degree and two years of experience in office administration, volunteer management, grant writing or equivalent work experience.


Affiliate Accountability

An essential duty of the Keep Fremont Beautiful Executive Director will be to ensure KAB annual certification status, compile written reports and document progress to sponsoring funding and sponsoring sources.  Necessary reporting should be given to all donors, City of Fremont, City Council, media supporters, KFB Board of Directors, committee Chairperson and volunteers, Keep Nebraska Beautiful and KAB annual and semi-annually.  Financial reports should be completed by the Treasurer.


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