Dwyane Wade became a Husker fan to marry Gabrielle Union. Her father gave him no other choice

Dwyane Wade became a Husker fan to marry Gabrielle Union. Her father gave him no other choice
Omaha-native actress Gabrielle Union on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" Tuesday, May 21, to promote her new show with Jessica Alba, "L.A.'s Finest." YOUTUBE.COM

Omaha-native actress Gabrielle Union stopped by “The Late Late Show With James Corden” Tuesday night with Jessica Alba to promote “L.A.’s Finest,” but of course Union couldn’t help but make mention of her home-state Huskers, too.

The team, she said, helped husband Dwyane Wade win over her dad.

Corden asked Union what it was like bringing the now-retired NBA star home to meet her parents. “Did he win (them) over right away?” Corden asked.

Union said her father was at first skeptical about Wade.

“I had been married before — spoiler alert — and I had to write some checks after that one,” Union said, “So my dad was watching the wallet, and he was like ‘What do you want with her? She’s got her own life, she’s got her own house, she’s got her own stuff, what are you bringing to the table?’”

Union remembered Wade didn’t anticipate her father giving him such a hard time. And why would he? He’s Dwyane Wade. Three championships, he’s got dental, he does OK, Union joked.

Union said her father made him a deal: “If you’ll commit to being a Nebraska Cornhusker fan, I’ll let you in the family.”

“We have not missed a home opener, yet.” Union said before cheering, “GO BIG RED!”

It wasn’t the first time Union has discussed her Huskers on “The Late Late Show.” She introduced Corden and co-guest Bill Hader to the Huskers ahead of football coach Scott Frost’s first season in Lincoln last year.

During that visit, Corden, a Brit, proclaimed he was “all in for the Cornhuskers.” He has yet to come to a Husker home game.

Union on “America’s Got Talent”

Union seems to be staying busy.

Aside from taking down bad guys with Alba in “L.A.’s Finest,” she also will appear as a judge on season 14 of “America’s Got Talent,” premiering May 28 on NBC.

Union will join fellow rookie judge Julianne Hough along with veteran hosts Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel and returnee Terry Crews.