8/14/2019 Dr. Mark Lenihan Wayne Community Schools Board of Education


8/12/2019 Zach Jorgensen: new children’s book, “Wheelchairs Aren’t Scary”


8/7/2019 Wayne City Council: Wes Blecke/Cale Giese


8/1/2019 Dixon County Fair


7/30/2019 Senator Fischer


7/29/2019 Pierce Fair


7/23/2019 Deb Fischer


7/22/2019 Wayne County Fair


7/19/2019 Sarah Roberts Haskell Ag Lab Family Field Day


7/18/2019 Mollie Young Wayne Community Theatre


7/17/2019 Mayor Cale Giese and City Administrator Wes Blecke


7/16/2019 Little Red Hen Theatre interview & Deb Fischer view


7/10/2019 Dr. Mark Lenihan (Wayne School Board):


7/5/2019 Justin Raulston (Christian Student Fellowship opening The Table Coffee House):