Pastor Seeks Unity At National Day of Prayer

NEBRASKA CITY – The Nebraska City Ministerial Association organized National Day of Prayer events Thursday at the high school, Eagles Club 10 Commandments monument and Central Avenue flag pole.

Tabitha Chaplain Richard Bristol blew the shofar and pastors from the First Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Calvary Community and Bethel United led prayers pertaining to American culture and its leaders. Prayers also focused on recent flooding.

Calvary Community Pastor Don Moore prayed for a spirit of unity.

Moore: “The traditional motto of the United States of America is E pluribus unum – out of many, one.”

He said 13 diverse colonies won independence, but Americans today are divided because the nation has forgotten God.

Moore: “Pslam 9:17 warns that the nations who forget God will perish. We have forgotten the gracious hand that has preserved us in times of want and war.”

Moore said he is grateful for the opportunity to hold a public prayer meeting over national concerns.

Moore: “It’s a good thing. I’m glad that we can come together as a community to do that. There’s few things that we really get together and work together with, prayer is  a great thing to do that with.”

In Washington, D.C., President Donald Trump used the annual multi-faith observance to denounce religious persecution.